Design / Build


If you have an existing set of plans we can provide an estimate for construction. If you need a set of plans, we can provide the planning, design and permit ready finished set of plans for your project.

A design build company can bridge the headache and hassle of hiring separate architects, engineers, contractors, etc.

ArchiDesign is a design build company. Our services, when plans are needed, work like this:

1. Review the project and the client budget to determine
project feasibility. At this time we provide a rough estimate
of costs. We can also make suggestions how and where the project
can be adjusted to meet the budget.

2. If the client wishes to proceed with the project, we
begin with the schematic development and variations of the floor
plan, kitchen or bath layout. (A plan, B, C, etc.)

3. Full development of the project working drawings.
We provide:
Full Plan Set / Title 24 Calculations
Interior / Exterior Finish Schedules
Project Summary Specifications
A Fixed Price, Contract and Description of
Full Allowance Schedule

4. If the client decides to switch from Design / Build
to competitive bidding, the Client pays the preliminary plan
costs plus the full price plan costs for the plans, schedules,