Some frequently asked questions.                            

What is your service area?

We normally conduct business in the San Francisco Bay area. However, we sometimes make exceptions for interesting projects outside our service area. If you have any questions write or call. We’ll talk.

Can you give us a price right now?
Yes, in most cases. We can develop a rough estimate to see if the project meets your budget.

How long will the project take?
We can give an initial time estimate for most projects.

Do we need a survey?
Most cities and county areas do not require a survey for a room addition. Any new home construction will require a survey

Do we need an engineer?
No engineer is needed on a one story building. However, if a second story is added an engineer is required. ArchiDesign uses licensed civil and structural engineers when needed.

Can you do the plans?
Yes. We are a design / build firm that provides plans and planning as a part of our services

Will you do just the foundation or the frame?
Yes. We can complete the work to any point of any project. Sometimes our clients want to finish some of the work themselves so we try to be as flexible as possible

Do we get the permits?
The owners pay for the required fees but we will acquire all the permits and deal with the building department so you don’t have to.